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You know the deal... 1 picture is worth more than 1000 words, well, with Mariani you're left with 100 words and 1000 feelings. Scroll down to enjoy his work

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To best describe the artist in his own words, Mariani is "a sensible individual with the deepest connection to my home country, my family, my lifelong friends and each and every one of my traditions".

Andres always linked to the most emblematic talents of each sport such as Roger Federer and Lionel Messi among others.

But Andres not only dedicates his time to painting sports stars, Andres also has a great passion for his country Argentina, and Pagani cars, one of the most impressive luxury cars in the world, and that is another reason why he is now traveling to Italy.

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Andrés Mariani defines himself as a multifaceted artist. He was born in Rosario, Argentina, 51 years ago. He lived for twelve years in Barcelona and also spent time in Dublin and Berlin. His works toured galleries and art fairs around the world such as in Barcelona, London, New York and various Arab countries



Mariani is an artist with an Editorial profile. The key to the great acceptance of his brand lies in the application of different art formats to the specific needs of the client.
He always
captures the essence, the symbols and the representation of the core of each one; dives into the spirit, philosophy and energy and connects a story that goes beyond obvious borders and can touch the feelings of anyone in the world.


Andrés Mariani has always felt that painting was a way of expressing himself. To convey sentiments that simplified his story.

Mariani understood from a very young age that art would be part of his life and of his essence. He has experimented with all the options offered by drawing and painting, but it was in oil painting that he found his own universe and created his style that identifies and distinguishes him.

“In general I use pencils and watercolors. I vary it according to what I want to do. I am doing several corporeal works with volumes. I also like to put my works in black and white. For this reason, when people ask me what style I have, I tell them “Marianitis” because of my last name (Mariani), it is a style that was developed by mixing painting with illustration, with different techniques and materials. Links

Little by little he incorporated new tools, “I like Jean-Marie Basquiat, Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso, that is another style of painting that I began to develop more in Europe. I have moved around a lot and have been nourished by the art I have seen and the museums I have visited. From there I have merged several styles”, he confesses.

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Your OWN Marinani ORIGINAL

Want your own Mariani Original?

 For you, your team, your company, your car/boat or plane? Family portrait?

Tell us your idea - We can work on some intuitive ideas with you, the process is as fun and special as the art itself.


Forms, Images, contents, identity, are dissolving references to give way to personal and intangible perceptions allowing mixed feelings, perceptions and interpretations of a standardised reality to emerge. When Andrés Mariani spent time in the beautiful city of Dublin, he was particularly inspired by abstract painting. It was then that his best paintings came to life




The FC Barcelona, a feeling that unites the majority of locals and globalizes Barcelona. A sports reference that has spread the knowledge of the city to all corners of the planet. The Barça Club is an explosion of strength and feeling that the artist captures with the representation of the symbols of the club.



He is the first painter to have a gallery on the premises of the AFA in Ezeiza and that makes him the official artist of the Argentine Soccer Team. Even Gianni Infantino himself, president of FIFA, was shocked when he toured the AFA facilities and saw for the first time how Andrés's creations had spectacularly transformed the AFA's art space, an idea promoted by Claudio "Chiqui" Tapia , head of the highest body of Argentine soccer


 A business engine. Brands create the city and the city creates their own brands. The artist selects the economic references of the inhabitants and exposes them through his eyes.