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Light and Shadow

This is the first time that the Agostinos, a family of wine producers, open their house to enjoy a unique experience in their 250-hectare vineyard in Barrancas, Maipú. Just 40 minutes away from Mendoza City, this amazing oasis is surrounded by parks, an organic vegetable garden, a winery, a pool and vineyards which have been there for more than 90 years. This is not a hotel, but a refined house with hotel services and a hosting team that will help you rest, enjoy and live as a Mendocinian wine producer.











“At Casa Agostino, we cook with seasonal fruits and vegetables, taken from our vegetable garden, combined with the best products of the province to cook with a true Mendocinian color, respecting the incredible raw material that grows like magic in our land.

The Agostino Winery Restaurant offers lunch every day of the week.

For dinner, we offer a unique experience with our chefs: Pablo and Charly, who prepare an unforgettable menu cooking on an open fire in front of the guests. Discover the chefs’ secrets and, if you dare, you can put yourself to work and collaborate with the preparation!

We also cover cravings with a menu of homemade snacks to enjoy throughout the whole day”

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Since I know we've tempted you... get in touch and we'll get you sorted! Oh, and join our community to continue spoiling your eyes and ears! 

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