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La Fortuna opens its doors showing the splendor of its architecture and works of art, the warmth of its people, its respect for tradition and customs, the care of the birds, animals and vegetation that surrounds it.

Founded in 1873, Estancia La Fortuna was designed by the French architect Le Bergere and the main house was built in 1902.



Upon entering the French-style palace, you are welcomed by a sumptuous marble staircase that invites you to walk through the three floors where the comfortable rooms that accommodate up to 16 people are distributed.

The rooms maintain the elegant original style of the house without neglecting modern comforts. It has a Master Suite, 3 matrimonial Suites and 3 Suites with 1 additional bed each.

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Estancia La Fortuna offers a wide variety of activities for guests of all ages and to satisfy different interests. Some of the indoor activities are: pool table, movies in the micro cinema, games in the playroom for children, reading in the library, tango classes, wine tastings, musical shows and cooking classes.

Outdoor activities include swimming, bicycling, horseback riding, trekking, antique carriage rides, and vintage cars. It also has outdoor and bouncy games for children.

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One of the most outstanding attributes of Estancia La Fortuna is undoubtedly the experienced and friendly staff of 8 people, led by a House Concierge, a Chef, a housekeeper staff, a gardener, a laundress, and the gaucho Don Chazarreta himself who takes care of of the horses and drives any of the 6 old carriages that the property has.

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Since I know we've tempted you... get in touch and we'll get you sorted! Oh, and join our community to continue spoiling your eyes and ears! 

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