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IBM - UXart: The dream of the museum without walls

UXart NFT Museum- UXart event - The only show in Argentina of art immersed and virtualised in nature.

Do you want to know how IBM and UXart built a museum without walls?

TRY IT OUT, click below (Can you find the Astronaut?)

In the IBM cloud, UX ART was born - A VIRTUAL MUSEUM that brings together iconic works of art, reconstructed in augmented reality. An experience that offers surprising points of view to users.

The magical team - "We develop new experiences in art and technology. We go further thinking in the future.”


Uxart is a creative group with disruptive and technological DNA, constantly exploring high-impact experiences. Focused on new strategies to be implemented through new digital media. We have a curated team of professionals and suppliers that allows us to design and create with all existing technologies, ensuring a high level of production and quality for all our projects. As a center for development and experimentation, we have an experience laboratory located on Isla El Descanso in the Tigre delta.

Words from Felipe Duran - Founder, CEO

Museum in the Cloud - Augmented Reality Platform - free download in which great artists and specialists in the concept of natural sciences are working to develop a museum in the cloud. This technology creates a new link between works of art and pieces that represent something like astronomy with the eclipse and the public. Through our channels there are ways to do storytelling in XR, that is, immersive, geolocated and interactive 3D formats in which people, artists and entrepreneurs can begin to tell their stories, putting all their content in the IBM cloud, which is the one who supports the project from the beginning not only in its technological services but also with high impact professional and human support that allows us to dream and fly higher and higher.
The IBM cloud: An open cloud and the safest in the world was the one that allowed the walls of the museums to be broken to take them inside the houses of each one.

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