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The story behind the group that will join us for the first Reencuentro at Turin Castle: ​

Updated: May 17, 2022

“They all have a common denominator- "Vive la Vida Vibra which means they know how to enjoy life.”

A group of friends that met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, many years ago. They all have a common denominator – “Vive la vida Vibra” which means they know how to enjoy life. Being in a new country just opens your mind to new opportunities and a thirst for new adventures.

Between them they account for 11 nationalities, some of them returned to their own country after Argentina and some of them continued exploring the world. They are all successful people, comprising entrepreneurs and senior executives for international companies.

Some of this group have known each other for over 10 years, and have managed to maintain the strong friendships even though a few of them have not seen each other for 8/9 years. So this Reencuentro is going to be as epic as the Turin Castle itself. For a special Reencuentro a special venue.



Day 1

1. Kilt – full attire for men / Scottish sash for the ladies

2. Bagpiper

3. Afternoon tea with Bubbles and cocktails in stone circle

4. Welcome Gala Dinner

Day 2

1. Breakfast

2. Pony led picnic in the hills with Highland Men

3. Barbecue dinner by the fire pit

Day 3

Breakfast & Goodbyes

Turin Castle - The Venue

The stunning pictures speak for themselves, but the truth is that, here at CPP, we always make sure that behind every amazing place that we partner with there is an amazing person working beside us, and with the owner of Turin Castle, Yvonne Corbett, we realised we met our match. The most inspirational woman that understands completely what this “Reencuentros” means to us. She herself has been an expat and has the same feeling and understanding of what it means to be able to reunite friends from across the world. Thank YOU Yvonne.

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