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A person, place or just a feeling?

What does a home mean to you?...

We vote for all! We give you the place and feeling, you bring the people.

Welcome to REENCUENTROS around the world by CPP

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Life's better with great company, and wheres better to do it than in these fabulous settings, click and dive into your new experience

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We are connecting our community by creating unique “get togethers” – those special moments that are to spend quality time with your friends, get connected again and revive those unforgettable times that you all shared at some point in your lives together.

Live these reunions with family, friends - reunite with your partner, fall in love again.

Create a Reencuentro

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Thanks for submitting!


Since I know we've tempted you... get in touch and we'll get you sorted! Oh, and join our community to continue spoiling your eyes and ears! 

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