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"Estancia Vik José Ignacio, is romantic, rustic and traditional, and pays homage to Uruguay’s nature, architecture, art and design. Situated on 4,000 acres, the Estancia is a classic Spanish colonial structure featuring white adobe walls and a red tin roof. Within the walls of the 50,000 square foot Estancia structure, more than half is made up of interior patios of outdoor space – courtyards, gardens, covered walkways and an herb garden." -Estancia VIK


The guest experience at Estancia Vik is one of the most unique in the world, where “Marlboro Country” meets a laid back St. Tropez.
Horseback ride across open pampas with gauchos, explore wildlife, birds and nature, mountain bike, hike, canoe and fish in the Arroyo de José Ignacio and Laguna de José Ignacio. Play a variety of water sports,
tennis on Estancia Vik’s grass courts and golf. Guests will also enjoy the twenty-meter Absolute Nero granite swimming pool, gym and spa, The property boasts a private polo field with Crillo riding horses and an
adjoining golf green will offer a wonderful golf practice area. A game
room with a pool table, table tennis and a variety of other games is found in the Estancia house. A romantic chapel nestled in a grove of
ancient native trees has been created for weddings and other special

Zen Garden


The artists featured throughout Estancia Vik are celebrated for their
vision and individuality. Each has been selected by the retreat’s owners
through their involvement with art in Uruguay over many years, and in
partnership with Marcelo Daglio and curator Enrique Badaró Nadal.
Some highlights include the Estancia’s vast central living room which
showcases a statuary white marble sculpture by world renowned Pablo
Atchugarry; standing 3.5 meter or 12 feet tall. The acclaimed Uruguayan
sculptor’s creation rises to meet the 300 square meter ceiling and frieze
painted by Clever Lara, another leading Uruguayan contemporary artist.
This work is a “satellitescape” view of Jose Ignacio and Uruguay,
inspired by Google Earth.


Estancia Vik José Ignacio has become one of the world’s first
environmentally-conscious luxury properties through its use of a variety
of sustainable measures and innovative green technologies. Inspired by
the magnificent landscape of José Ignacio, its vast rolling hills, rugged
countryside and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Estancia Vik has been
designed to preserve the remarkable beauty of its natural surroundings.
The property operates in an environmentally sensitive manner through
its use of natural resources, solar energy, innovative design and water collection, maximizing natural resources to heat, cool, ventilate and
irrigate. Fireplaces throughout provide additional warmth, and with the addition of three new windmills, Estancia Vik has also become the first
luxury resort of its kind to have the capability to operate entirely off the

Zen Garden


In keeping with local tradition, the Estancia showcases a Uruguayan
parillero, or barbeque, with the traditional tin walls and fogon, or
central open fire. Celebrated Uruguayan artist Marcelo Legrand has painted the walls and ceiling in his brilliantly chaotic style, bringing a
contemporary flair to this traditional space.
The culinary offerings at Estancia Vik celebrate the dishes of Uruguay.
Guests will enjoy traditional barbeque, fresh fish and seafood, locally grown fruits and vegetables and homemade breads and pastries all prepared by the property’s talented in-house chef, Marcelo Betancourt.


The Estancia’s private living space is separated into two wings, each
containing six luxurious bedroom Suites. Of the six suites in each wing,
there are four 500 square-foot Suites on the ground level and two 900
square-foot Master Suites on the second floor. The Suites all feature full bathrooms with separate bath tubs and rain showers, with the Master Suites also including outdoor showers on the patio. Each suite
also has private access to the exterior patios surrounding the Estancia.

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Estancia Vik José Ignacio sits on 4,000 acres in the rolling countryside of
José Ignacio, Uruguay. The Estancia borders the Arroyo and the Laguna
José Ignacio, which meet the Southern Atlantic just a mile away.
José Ignacio is Uruguay’s idyllic, vibrant coastal area, located just 12
miles northeast of Punta del Este. It is emerging as Uruguay’s premier
international destination, drawing traveler's to enjoy the pristine
beaches, nature, rugged landscape and relaxed, bohemian setting.

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