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One of our favourites in Argentina? More like Richard Branson's, Obama's, Madonna's, Will Smith's and many others favourite, who appreciate the perfect combination of nature and art. You need to trust us that this is a must go and a very spiritual experience. 

El Descanso, an oasis in the Tigre delta inspired by Monet's Gardens.

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It is like falling into the rabbit hole in which Alicia discovered a fantastic world and entering a work of natural art. On Isla El Descanso everything changes with magical subtlety: the greenery of the plants, the clouds, the waves of the waters.


If you are not yet absorbed, you can continue going into the garden to come across spaces from which it seems that fairies can come out. The paths, which lead to small places full of fantastic stories, are linked by bridges whose names exalt the best human feelings and values: hope, effort, love, gratitude.

The island «El Descanso» has the greatness of being more than a space; It is a time for the soul.


The Paraná River Delta, especially in Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, has a microclimate that is unique in the world and has helped create an unrivaled botanical collection in the gardens of Isla El Descanso.

The Dream Of The Museum Without Walls

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Since I know we've tempted you... get in touch and we'll get you sorted! Oh, and join our community to continue spoiling your eyes and ears! 

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