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Our Scottish Reencuentro comes to life!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

A group of friends that met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, many years ago. They all have a common denominator – “Vive la vida Vibra” which means they know how to enjoy life. Here they are reunited at Turin Castle after 13 years of living apart. A very special venue for a very special REENCUENTRO.

" The best reunion is with the people hardest to say goodbye to"

A HUGE thank you to Yvonne and the Turin Castle team (our Butler's Chris and Callum)!

A little recap of our Reencuentro below...!

We are already preparing our REENCUENTRO 2023!... We are here to create these experiences for you. You bring the people, the emotion of reuniting, and we will provide you the venue and tailor the event for you!

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